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The battle are battled, and you may Sisera flees

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The battle are battled, and you may Sisera flees

Deborah is actually determined to dicuss out about the breaking down county out of the country around Ephraim. Law and you will buy got broken down, and it also try not secure to visit towards the freeways.

It should be asserted that the newest Israelite settlers on hill-country from Canaan was basically mostly to blame for these issues. It continually raided the new Canaanite facilities and you will villages into the prosperous flatlands lower than their hill settlements, and additionally the new powerful city-states retaliated and you will ‘oppressed’ the newest Israelites.

For it ‘s the time about what the lord has given Sisera into your hands

Brand new Canaanites have been led of the Queen Jabin away from Hazor. Jabin governed an enormous, strengthened city-condition inside upper Canaan, and may was indeed the top regarding a great confederation from Canaanite city-states. Their point was to repair Canaan’s energy of the exterminating the latest Israelite intruders (Judges cuatro:6-11 and you can 5:12-18).

Now threatened into the might off King Jabin’s army, the new Israelites considered Deborah. She summoned Barak, an in a position armed forces leader and you can spoke very lead conditions so you’re able to him. Read More